Dutch crime journalist Peter R de Vries "fighting for life" after Amsterdam shooting

Prominent Dutch crime journalist Peter R de Vries has been seriously wounded after being shot on a street in Amsterdam.

Police say he was taken to hospital in a serious condition after being shot in the city centre on Tuesday evening, minutes after appearing on a TV chat show., the BBC reported.

Five shots were fired at close range and Mr de Vries, 64, was hit in the head, according to local media.

Police say they have arrested three people in connection with the shooting.

Two suspects were arrested in a car on the A4 motorway at Leidschendam, and a third in Amsterdam, with the gunman believed to be among them.

Mr de Vries was previously given police protection after receiving threats for his involvement in criminal cases as an investigative journalist and in court.

Image: Door DWDD - DWDD, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/...

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