Dutch ​health minister Hugo de Jonge quashes rumours of cafes reopening on April 21st

Netherlands first Deputy Prime Minister and health minister Hugo de Jonge appears to have quashed rumours that Dutch pavement cafes may reopen again from April 21st. The warning comes as a string of government-backed experiments get underway to allow amusement parks, museums and castles to open to limited numbers of people who can prove they have a negative coronavirus test.

Dutch broadcaster NOS said last week that ministers are working on plans to reopen cafes and shops, and that the curfew may be lifted. However, there is still ‘too much uncertainty.’ De Jonge is quoted as saying in the Financieele Dagblad that the reports are ‘premature’.

The current situation in the Netherlands with some three million people vaccinated and between three and four million having had Covid-19 is not enough for group immunity, De Jonge said. Nevertheless, he said, there may be an effect on the number of new infections and hospital admissions. The government has therefore, he said, has asked its Outbreak Management Team advisors to look into relaxing some of the rules.

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