G7: Joe Biden accuses Boris Johnson of "inflaming tensions" in Northern Ireland

US President and Irish Republican sympathiser Joe Biden created a storm on his arrival in the UK for the G7 Summit, accusing Prime Minister Boris Johnson of "inflaming tensions" in Northern Ireland over the so-called "EU sausage war."

Biden instructed Yael Lempert, charge d'affaires at the US Embassy in London, to tell Brexit Minister Lord Frost that the UK's stance was imperilling the peace process. She had been ordered to issue the diplomatic rebuke, known as a demarche, a step rarely taken between allies, The Times reported on Tuesday.

Government minutes from June 3rd reveal Lord Frost was told of President Biden's "great concern" in a tense encounter in which Ms Lempert is said to have "slowly and gravely read her instructions aloud," implying the UK had been "inflaming the rhetoric" and asked if the Government would "keep it cool". She also warned the dispute between Britain and the EU was "commanding the attention" of Mr Biden ahead of his meeting with Boris Johnson at St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall, on Thursday.

The current concerns stem primarily from the threat of a "hard border" between Northern Ireland - a part of the UK - and the Irish Republic, to its south, which was conceived and used by the European Commission as a bargaining tool during Brexit negotiations.

This resulted in a protocol, a part of the 2019 Brexit deal that created a trade border in the Irish Sea, in order to prevent goods checks along the Irish land border, keeping Northern Ireland in the EU single market for goods and thus ensuring EU customs rules are enforced at its ports.

Biden's rebuke will likely cause great joy in the hallowed corridors of the Berlaymont, the Commission's headquarters in Brussels.

Like the Irish Republican Army (IRA), and its political wing, Sinn Fein, the Commission is keen to see a united Ireland, thus bringing Northern Ireland back into the EU.

"Out of sheer spite, the EU has chosen to interpret the rules as inflexibly as possible and cause maximum disruption. And, to make it even worse, Sinn Fein have been crowing mendaciously about how this leads inexorably to a United Ireland," said Irish historian Ruth Dudley Edwards.

Biden has never made a secret of his Irish Republican sympathies, not least because the Irish-American vote is vital to his Democrat Party.

Over the years Biden has been keen to be photographed with Irish Republican Army (IRA) terrorist leaders.

As recently as September 2017 he was pictured alongside Sinn Fein/IRA leader Gerry Adams, and IRA fugitive Rita O'Hare, having reportedly discussed a "united Ireland."

O'Hare was arrested in Northern Ireland in 1972 for the attempted murder of a British Army Warrant Officer in Belfast. She also faced charges of malicious wounding and possession of firearms

Having been released on bail she fled to the Irish Republic, where she was to serve a three-year prison sentence in Limerick prison for smuggling explosives for the IRA.

Eventually, after some visa issues, she made her way to the USA, where she was Sinn Fein's representative in the country for 20 years.

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The United States was an important source of funding for the bombers and gunmen of the IRA. Through their fundraising arm NORAID they raised the bulk of their overseas income, much of which was spent on weapons and explosives bought from suppliers in the Soviet Union.

This source of funding dried up overnight, however, after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre, when Americans realised the true meaning of the word "terrorism."

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