Geert Wilders failed to declare €170,000 donation for legal fees, according to investigative website FTM

Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders has failed to declare a donation of some €175,000 which was given to his legal team by a US organisation to pay costs in his ‘fewer Moroccans’ trial, according to website Follow The Money, reports.

FTM says Wilders has not registered the donation from the International Freedom Alliance Foundation – a tax-exempt organisation he created, as he should under the MPs’ code of conduct.

That requires all donations of over €50 to be reported. The foundation’s tax return for 2017 shows it spent the bulk of its income on ‘legal fees for an individual in his defence of freedom of speech’.

This, says FTM, refers to Wilders. Wilders said in response that he was happy with the support of ‘hundreds of thousands of euros’ from both the Netherlands and abroad. ‘I have [personally] never had a cent,’ he told the website.

In September, Wilders was found guilty of group insult for leading a crowd in an anti-Moroccan chant at an election rally in 2014, but was found not guilty of inciting hatred or discrimination.

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