European Parliament committee to debate reducing foreign interference in European democratic processes

On Monday the European Parliament's Special Committee for foreign interference in all democratic processes in the EU, including disinformation, will discuss the new proposals to regulate social media platforms in order to reduce foreign actors’ possibilities to interfere in European democratic processes.

The debate will take place with the participation of Internal Market Commissioner Breton (pictured). The Committee will also look into strategic communication as a way to counter disinformation with NATO representatives.

MEPs called on the EU to step up its efforts to regulate social media while protecting freedom of expression during the February plenary session.

Estonian MEP Marina Kaljurand said "After the riots in Capitol Hill, the ultimate price of allowing disinformation and hatred to spread online unchecked is clear to all of us. The EU led the way and set the example by the GDPR. Now we need to go further. (...) This is our opportunity to lead the way and I hope that we can do it together with our allies in the US and beyond."

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