EU vaccine debacle: German MEP Gunnar Beck calls for resignation of Commission Chief von der Leyen

"How you Brits must be breathing a sigh of relief that your lives are no longer run by bungling European bureaucrats. For the truth is that EU red tape – the customary mountain of Brussels paperwork that has led to shortages of vaccine supplies across the continent – is literally costing lives. Meanwhile, freed from the shackles of Brussels, Britain took a calculated gamble and fast-tracked the vaccine approval on the assumption that speed was of the essence," writes Dr. Gunnar Beck MEP in the Daily Mail on Sunday.

The decision of the European Commission to over-ride Article 16 of the Northern Ireland agreement, as disastrous as it was for the executive body itself, laid bare the reality of Eurocrat thinking.

Having majored on the need to avoid a hard-border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic - a concept the Commission itself created - as soon as its own interests were threatened, and its incompetence exposed, and without any reference to the UK or Irish governments, without hesitation, or apparently even contemplation, it created a hard trade border in order to secure COVID vaccines.

This was not about protecting citizens lives, this was about protecting what the Commission sees as its hegemony over the 27 nation states that justify its very existence.

In comparison to Boris Johnson's government - which itself has not come out of the pandemic crisis smelling of roses - the European Commission has been about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

So far, it seems the UK's more flexible, autonomous approach is more effective. By contrast, the EU's handling of the situation has been an organisational shambles. Commission president von der Leyen should resign.

Dr. Gunnar Beck MEP

The EU's decision making process - slow and overly bureaucratic, with its over-riding emphasis on avoiding responsibility or blame - has proven itself totally unsuitable for dealing with a crisis, a fact that will not be lost on military planners to Europe's east.

Image: European Parliament.

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Gary Cartwright

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