Russian language now compulsory for Moldovan civil servants

Following a draft law approved by Moldovan parliament, the Russian language will now get a special status as the "language of interethnic communication", and becomes mandatory for all civil servants.

Russian will be used in all matters dealing with state authorities in Moldova, alongside the Moldavan language, a dialect of Romanian, as specified in the country's constitution.

"As a language of inter-ethnic communication, Russian is used on the territory of the republic alongside the official language," the bill says adding that at citizens’ request, public officials are instructed to reply in Russian, including in the written form. However, Moldovan remains the official language of paperwork at governmental bodies.

The bill says that citizens are guaranteed the right to education in both the official and Russian languages, and the authorities are to create conditions for ethnic groups living in the republic to receive education in their mother tongues. Along with this, the official language must be studied compulsorily at all educational institutions.

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