Ten fold increase in COVID19 infections in G7 host town

The generally COVID19 free county of Cornwall, in the south-west of England, has shown an unexpected and dramatic increase in infections following the G7 summit, which, against the wishes of many residents, the county hosted last week, local newspaper The Packet reports.

Although the number of infections remain negligible compared to the rest of the UK, in percentage terms the county has experienced a huge spike in cases, which have risen from 32 recorded over seven days to now seeing 342 across the same period in the space of a week.

The areas with the biggest weekly jumps are the St Ives and Carbis Bay area, Falmouth and its surrounding villages - where G7 took place.

Falmouth itself now has 67 weekly cases, compared to only six recorded in the previous seven days: Falmouth East (30, up 28), Falmouth North (30, up 28), Falmouth West & South (7, up five)

Neighbouring town Penryn has gone from two cases to 14, while Ponsanooth, Mabe Burnthouse & Constantine has the highest number of cases as a single cluster area, rising from two to 55 in the space of a week.

Towednack, Lelant & Carbis Bay have gone from two cases recorded in a week to 15, and St Ives & Halsetown to 36 cases, also from two in the previous week.

However, as one local resident told EUToday, G7 has had one positive impact: "at last they have fixed the holes in the bloody roads," an exasperated farmer declared.

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