Ukraine: 5 parties to enter Parliament, +60% believe that Medvedchuk must be acquitted & reinstated in all rights - western poll

In the case of early parliamentary elections in Ukraine, five parties would enter the Ukrainian parliament. This was stated in a study held on August 20-24th, 2021 by the international research centre BURI (The Belgium-Ukraine Research Institute, Belgium).

According to the survey results, the respondents' answers to the question “What will be the choice of yours if the parliamentary elections are to be held this Sunday?” were as follows: “Sluga Narodu” – 21.1%, “Opposition Platform – Za Zhittya” - 19.3%, “The European Solidarity” - 18.4%, “Batkivschyna” -12.4%, “Syla i Chest” - 5.1% (answers of those who already decided to vote and defined their choice).


Answers concerning the case of Chairman of the Political Council of the “Opposition Platform – Za Zhittya” Party Viktor Medvedchuk showed the following tendencies: in comparison with the previous study, more respondents believe that the persecution of Viktor Medvedchuk by the authorities is an attempt to divert attention from real problems in the economy and social sphere (increased from 41.3% to 42.8%) as well as reprisal against a political opponent, who can become the main competition for the president in the election (increased from 21.1% to 21.4%).


38.5% of the respondents stated that after following the trial of Viktor Medvedchuk, their attitude towards opposition politician has improved (increase from 37.4% to 38.5%):


Over 60% of respondents believe that the fairest result of the trial over Viktor Medvedchuk will be his acquittal and the reinstatement in all his rights (increase from 58.8% to 60.4%):


In addition, more respondents now believe that the trial in the case of Viktor Medvedchuk will result in increase of his personal rating and the rating of the “Opposition Platform – Za Zhittya” Party (increase from 70.2% to 71.8%). To compare, only 10.5% believe that these events will lead to increase of the rating of Volodymyr Zelensky and “Sluga Narodu” Party:


In the block of questions dedicated to the conflict in Donbas, the following answers were received: 55.3% of respondents believe that fulfillment of Minsk agreement to the greatest extent meets the interests of Ukraine.

In addition, 69.6% stated that to restore peace and return Donbas Volodymyr Zelensky should hold a personal meeting with Vladimir Putin (only 16.1% are against it). Another 55.9% believe that in order to return Donbas, Volodymyr Zelensky should hold a personal meeting with the leadership of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk republics.


In addition, 53.1% of the respondents agree that in order to establish peace in Donbas, Ukraine could make some concessions and not take a stance according to which this conflict should be settled solely on the conditions of the Ukrainian side.


42.4% of respondents believe that the President of Ukraine and Ukrainian government do almost nothing to restore peace in Donbas. Another 47.2% think that their efforts in this issue are insufficient, and only 5.5% of the respondents noted that the president and the government do “everything possible” for this.

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The international research center BURI (The Belgium-Ukraine Research Institute, Belgium) conducted the survey in Ukraine (excluding the temporarily uncontrolled territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and Crimea) on August 20-24th, 2021. The survey method: computer-assisted telephone interviews on the basis of random selection of phone numbers. Total quantity of respondents equaled to 2,020 individuals (representative sample). Error margin is 2.2%.

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