Uyghur Genocide: UK minister Raab calls on Beijing to allow international access to Xinjiang

Britain said on Friday that China was targetting critics with sanctions and called on Beijing to allow international access to Xinjiang to verify the truth about human rights abuses in the province.

“It speaks volumes that, while the UK joins the international community in sanctioning those responsible for human rights abuses, the Chinese government sanctions its critics,” Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said in a statement.

“If Beijing want to credibly rebut claims of human rights abuses in Xinjiang, it should allow the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights full access to verify the truth.”

On Monday, the United Kingdom, European Union, United States, and Canada imposed sanctions on Chinese officials over alleged human rights violations in the Xinjiang region.

China responded by issuing sanctions against 10 EU officials on Monday, and five UK members of parliament, two members of the House of Lords, an academic, a lawyer, and four UK entities were hit with sanctions on Friday morning.

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