Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party, and forced organ harvesting

The true Communist is a godless and dehumanised creature. A major factor in the creation of a Communist is his materialist philosophy. He is taught that there is no God; that matter in motion is the sum total of all being; that each individual is a body in which a stomach secretes gastric juices, a liver secretes bile, and a brain secretes emotion and thought, writes Gary Cartwright.

German philosopher, Ludwig Feuerbach, wrote: "Man is what he eats. We are matter in motion, nothing more."

Feuerbach’s concept of materialism was taken by Karl Marx and married to the dialectic of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, which held that progress is inherent in change, or as Marx himself expressed it: “conflict is the catalyst that drives all progress.”

There is no soul; there is no spirit; there is no heaven to gain, no hell to shun. A new scientific age has been born, and the need for God has been abolished.

Even in the 21st century the Chinese Communist Party continues to propagate this Marxist philosophy with a vigour. Indeed, as recently as August of 2021, China announced plans to introduce "Xi Jinping thought” - referring to the current leader of the Party - into schools to help "teenagers establish Marxist beliefs.”

What is the most fundamental and common duty of us Communist Party members? As everybody knows, it is to establish Communism, to transform the present world into a Communist world. Is a Communist world good or not? We all know that it is very good. In such a world there will be no exploiters, oppressors, landlords, capitalists, imperialists or fascists.

Liu Shaoqi , Vice Chairman of the Communist Party of China (1956-66).

Only in such a dehumanising context can the Communist Party of China continue to flourish.

That Communist China has an appalling human rights record is widely known and accepted. The issue of forced organ harvesting, whereby political prisoners and others are killed to facilitate the removal of organs, is currently the subject of much political debate.

As many as 10,000 victims are believed to have lost their lives in this vile trade. Often transplants are carried out for purely commercial reasons; however some are carried out in order to protect the health and to ensure the longevity of senior officials of China’s Communist Party.

In the context of man as “matter in motion, nothing more…” such evil is justifiable to the communists (although they steadfastly deny all allegations publicly.)

At particular risk are practitioners of Falun Gong, who emphasise morality and the cultivation of virtue, and who identify as practitioners of the Buddhist school. Their healthy lifestyle makes them an ideal source of fresh and clean organs.

They are also targeted because the Communist Party cannot, and will not, tolerate any competing ideology.

In the second chapter of his Manifesto of the Communist Party, Marx stated: “You must, therefore, confess that by ‘individual’ you mean no other person than the bourgeois, than the middle-class owner of property. This person must, indeed, be swept out of the way, and made impossible.”

Marx would almost certainly have placed Falun Gong in the same context as the hated “bourgeois,” although his detractors often remind us of the fact that without the significant financial backing of Friedrich Engels - himself from a wealthy bourgeois family - it is highly unlikely that the world would have ever heard of Karl Marx of his manifesto.

This pressing human rights situation is to be the subject of a high-level international conference at the Press Club, Brussels, which will be live-streamed on October 27th and which will be accessible to members of the public.

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As well as politicians and human rights activists, the conference will be addressed by Sir Geoffrey Nice, Queen’s Counsel, and Chair of the London-based China Tribune, which on June 17th 2019, pronounced its "final judgment" on organ harvesting in China and declared the Chinese Communist Party guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

The conference will bring together many of the most eminent experts on this matter of great concern, amongst the gravest of human rights issues, including from the European Parliament. Members of Falun Gong will also be present.

The conference can be joined online from 11:00 (CET) at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFWBDOElTrmVotVrnlsI5fw?view_as=subscriber.

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