Charles Michel: G7 nations share the same goals, "to cut the oxygen from Russia's war machine, while taking care of our economies"

The G7 nations "share the same goals - to cut the oxygen from Russia's war machine, while taking care of our economies", says Charles Michel, president of the European Council, as reported by the BBC.

Speaking at the start of the G7 summit in Bavaria, Michel says "Russia's war has put the world at risk", saying it has affected food and fuel supplies, prices and security.

He says the G7 and EU have "unwavering unity" in their support for Ukraine.

The EU will continue to provide financial, humanitarian and political support to Ukraine, Michel says, but is committed to providing more - and supporting Ukraine's rebuilding.

He says the war is also shaping the European Union, with candidacy status being given to Ukraine and Moldova and other nations hoping to follow.

The war means the world has changed since last year's G7 summit in Cornwall, Michel says, adding "the world is watching - let's take the right decisions and defend international law".

However, some voices - particularly in France, Germany and Italy - have asked if it might not be better for the war to end, even if it came at the cost of Ukraine having to cede territory. Countries like the UK, Poland and the three Baltic States are resisting these arguments, warning that any peace deal with Moscow that is not on Ukraine's terms would lead to further Russian aggression in the future.

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