European Press Clubs launch "We are Kyiv Press Club" initiative

As of 3rd March, 2022 Press Club Brussels Europe has also become the Kyiv Press Club in solidarity with colleagues and journalists in Ukraine.

Currently holding both Presidency of the European and the International Association of Press Clubs, the Press Club Brussels Europe launched the “We are Kyiv Press Club” initiative together with the Press Club de France, the Press Club Polska and the Club Suisse de la Presse. The idea is to inspire and invite 250 Press Clubs around the world to also become a ‘Kyiv Press Club’.

Our Press Club is a place that serves as an open platform for free speech and in support of journalism,” says Press Club President Alia Papageorgiou.“We will use what means we can to support reporting and Ukrainians in this moment of distress,” she added.

This initiative will allow Ukrainian journalists forced into exile in Belgium to have a place to work in the heart of the European quarter.

In reaction to this initiative, Dmytro Shkurko, the Brussels correspondent of the National News Agency of Ukraine send to the Press Club Brussels Europe team this message

"Dear colleagues, dear Europeans, thank you for your solidarity. I’d like you to know, that your words and deeds, your sympathy and sacrifice coming directly to each and every Ukrainian heart. My dear compatriots are now fighting against evil. They are now raising their arms for their life and freedom because both are the single same now. Be sure, they will never give up. They are as a one now, and it is not possible to kill the will of entire peoples, who decided to fight for their freedom.

"We are proud to meet your initiative to place the name of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, into the names of European and International Press Clubs. It is important, as in these tragic circumstances the words of truth are decisive as ever. This Russian aggression against Ukraine is based on an entire lie from its roots, and the Russian people are also the victims of these horrible lies. Help them, help all the people in Europe and around a Globe to understand what is going on in Ukraine now. We, Ukrainians, are keeping our, God-given land. But we also are fighting for freedom and the right to breathe with clean air, free from miasmas of madness and dictatorship. As also all you are. Let’s prevail together in this fight between death and life, between the lie and truth. Long Live Europe! Glory to Heroes!"

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