Liz Truss announces further funding to help vulnerable groups in Ukraine

The UK has announced further funding to help vulnerable groups within Ukraine and at its borders, the BBC has reported.

A £45m package will go to UN agencies and charities working to support those most vulnerable to abuse and harm, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said in a government statement.

“British aid is supporting the most vulnerable in Ukraine, particularly women and children, who are facing increased risk of sexual violence and exploitation,” she was quoted as saying.

Officials say this is how the money will be distributed:

  • £15m will go to the UN Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (UHF)
  • £15m will go to UNICEF, the UN children’s agency
  • £10m will fund humanitarian organisations in border countries to protect women and children who are fleeing there
  • £5m will go to the International Federation of the Red Cross in Ukraine

There will also be an additional £20m provided for humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

This latest funding brings the UK’s aid package for Ukraine to £220m.

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