New UK legislative proposal seeks to bar illegal migrants from claiming asylum

Lord Green, President of Migration Watch UK, has put forward a change to legislation in the British Parliament which, if passed, would mean that those coming to the UK without prior permission would not be considered for asylum.

He will tell the House of Lords that the amendment to the Nationality and Borders Bill is needed to greatly ease the burden on the asylum system by stemming fraud and abuse. This change would also help to save lives by deterring deadly journeys in dinghies, lorries and containers.

The news comes as the number of people who were detected coming to the UK in boats since 2018 surpassed 40,000 during the past week.

The number crossing so far this year is approaching six times the total reported in all of January 2021: more than 1,300 compared with 223, with 183 migrants reaching the UK in seven boats on Tuesday.

Many of those crossing have already been rejected for asylum in EU countries, and the UK has become a magnet for failed applicants from all over the Continent.

By three to one, the UK public want a change in the law that would mean any migrant who came to the country illegally through a 'safe' country should not be able to claim asylum. Sixty-one per cent of respondents voiced support compared with 21 per cent against (June 2021 YouGov poll).

Commenting, Migration Watch UK Chairman Alp Mehmet said: "This is a common sense amendment the seeks to end the absurd situation of all those arriving in the UK without prior permission being allowed to stay simply by claiming asylum."

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