Putin's "Trojan horse" in the EU Viktor Orban criticises sanctions against Russia

Hungary should prepare for a prolonged war in neighbouring Ukraine, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Monday, sharply criticising European Union sanctions imposed on Russia which he said have "backfired", driving up energy prices.

Orban, long at odds with the EU over some of his policies seen in Brussels as anti-democratic, urged a ceasefire to end the war and said the sanctions against Russia were dealing a blow to Europe's economy.

Orban, who was reelected for a fourth consecutive term in April, now faces surging inflation, plunging consumer confidence and the prospect of a recession next year.

He told parliament it was no surprise that governments were falling in Europe, referring to the Italian election on Sunday following which Giorgia Meloni looks set to lead Italy's most right-wing government since World War Two.

"We can safely say that as a result of the sanctions, European people have become poorer, while Russia has not fallen to its knees," Orban said. "This weapon has backfired, with the sanctions Europe has shot itself in the foot."

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