Ukrainian forces "notably retaking territory along a broad arc around Kharkiv," says U.S. think tank ISW

Ukrainian forces may soon force Russian troops out of artillery range of Kharkiv, according to an assessment that says the fight in the Donbass region is entering a decisive phase, U.S. think tank the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has said.

Over recent days Ukrainian forces captured several settlements north east of Ukraine's second largest city in an operation which has developed into a "successful, broader counteroffensive."

The ISW said that Ukrainian forces are "notably retaking territory along a broad arc around Kharkiv rather than focusing on a narrow thrust" and this showed they were able to launch larger-scale offensive operations than they have been previously able to.

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Ukraine's forces "may successfully push Russian forces out of artillery range of Kharkiv in the coming days," the ISW said, adding they may be able to "relieve Russian pressure on Kharkiv and possibly threaten to make further advances to the Russian border."

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