Ukrainian forces push back Russians & recapture 20% of Severodonetsk, says Serhiy Haidai

Ukrainian forces have recaptured around 20% of the territory they lost in the city of Severodonetsk, the head of the eastern region of Luhansk reported: "Whereas before the situation was difficult, the percentage [held by Russia] was somewhere around 70%, now we have already pushed them back by approximately 20%," Serhiy Haidai told national television.

Russian forces are still focused efforts on the city, the Ukrainian armed forces said in a Facebook post. "They stormed residential areas in the eastern part of the city, covering their actions with artillery fire, and had some success. Active hostilities continue," it said.

Severodonetsk is strategically vital as a Russian capture would mean it controls almost the whole of Luhansk.

The Donbas region is made up of Luhansk and Donetsk. Some believe President Putin could declare victory in the war if Russian forces take control of Donbas.

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