Vast majority of British voters want to see a reduction in immigration

The crystal clear message of the new polling is that the vast majority of British voters want to see a reduction in immigration.

While the remaining two Conservative party leadership candidates get quizzed on where they bought their earrings and the cost of their suit, there has been little about the real issue - the eye-popping scale of immigration. It’s all very well to pay lip service to Rwanda and the chaos in the Channel, but annual net migration of the past 20 years or so continues to dwarf the numbers claiming asylum by five or six to one. Some key facts from the aforementioned poll:

  • 60% of the public wish to see the number of immigrants coming to the UK reduced, with 34% saying they want it reduced by a lot
  • 73% of Conservative voters favour a reduction in immigration, with 49% saying they want a reduction by a lot
  • Of those who voted Conservative in 2019 but who no longer support the party, the number in favour of a reduction is 86%
  • 47% of respondents said that the increase of seven million in Britain’s population due to immigration over the last 20 years was fairly negative or very negative. Only 28% thought it fairly or very positive
  • Out of Conservative voters, 40% wanted a substantial reduction in net migration, 19% wanted a target of tens of thousands, while 18% wanted a commitment to stop all immigration to the UK. In all, 77%.

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