RAF Lands A400 Atlas In Latvia

A NATO exercise is currently underway in the Baltic States which involves testing a unit that controls air assets. 

The Deployable Air Command and Control Centre, or DACCC, is usually based in Poggio Renatico, Italy. Over the last week some elements have been moved to Lielvarde Airbase in Latvia where they will stay until October. It’s made up of various containers, computers and satellite dishes and has a team of approximately 100 operators. 

The exercise, called Ramstein Dust II-17, is being run by NATO’s Allied Air Command. Various staff from the DACCC will be integrated within the NATO battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The exercise scenario demonstrates the defensive nature of Alliance activities and provides visible assurance to NATO members of the Alliance’s ability to meet its obligations. 

In the video, a UK Royal Air Force A400M ‘ATLAS’ lands in Latvia, carrying equipment for the exercise.

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Gary Cartwright

Gary Cartwright

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