Broken Britain: Police Lose Control Of London

It is a tragic statistic by any interpretation, but made all the worse by the fact that so many of the victims are children. 50 murders have been recorded in London since January 1st 2018. Many of these are gang related: there were two murders in one London Borough on one night (April 4th) writes Gary Cartwright.

North London parliamentarian David Lammy said that drugs were now as "prolific as ordering a pizza", comparing the situation to McMafia, a BBC drama about Russian gangsters. 

What drives the gangs and the turf wars is an £11bn cocaine drugs market... We are the drugs market of Europe and I'm hearing nothing about what we're going to do about that ... Drugs are prolific. It's like Deliveroo. They're as prolific as ordering a pizza. You can get them on Snapchat, WhatsApp. That in the end is driving the turf war and it's driving the culture of violence.... I think the police and our country has lost control of that drugs market.

David Lammy MP

The MP said political leaders were doing nothing about it.

There are now calls for the current Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick to resign.

Dick is the first woman Commissioner of the Met, and is openly gay. The fact that she is in a relationship with a subordinate has raised many eyebrows. Such a relationship would normally be considered "inappropriate". 

Cressida Dick

Dick was the senior officer responsible when, in July 2005, Jean Charles da Silva e de Menezes, a Brazilian living and working in London, was killed with seven shots to the head by police officers at Stockwell underground station. He was an innocent man who was shot as a suspected terrorist, seemingly because he had "Mongolian looking eyes". He was not questioned, and not even given the chance to put up his hands and surrender.

It emerged that hollow-point, or Dum-Dum, bullets had been fired into his head, and that a senior police source said that Menezes's body had been "unrecognisable."

Of course, no senior police officer was brought to account for this atrocity, and Dick was quietly promoted and moved to a new job in the role of Deputy Assistant Commissioner. 

To nobody's surprise, the findings of the enquiry into the killing were initially kept secret, and, predictably, concluded that none of the officers would face disciplinary charges. 

Police officers had initially stated that they challenged Menezes and ordered him to stop outside Stockwell station, and the then Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair told a press conference that a warning was issued prior to the shooting. Lee Ruston, an eyewitness who was waiting on the platform, said the police did not identify themselves. 

The Times reported that 'senior police sources' stated that police policy would not require a warning to be given to a suspected suicide bomber before lethal action was taken.

Much to the disgust of the family of de Menezes, Dick was awarded the Queen's Police Medal in 2010.

Now Dick is presiding over the highest murder rate London has seen since Victorian Times.

This is largely due to the fact that the Met has given up on policing the community, and is focussing on 'anti-terrorism'. Protection is now provided for the state, and not for the people.

Cressida Dick, who owes her rise to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, should be held accountable for the current, totally unacceptable situation, and to paraphrase Oliver Cromwell, "for all the good she does, she must go!"

Let us not hold our breath....

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