Terrorist At The Heart Of The European Parliament Unmasked.

Europe is gripped by the fear of terrorism, whether it comes from those radicalised by Islamic State, or from events ordered by the Kremlin, as seen recently in Salisbury, England.

However, these examples pale into insignificance when compared to the vicious and tragic violence inflicted on the British people by Irish Republicans during a political war that is often referred to as "the troubles".

Irish Marxists, led by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA), generally referred to as "the IRA", created a conflict that led to more than 50,000 casualties between 1968-1998. Most of these were civilians, who were deliberately targeted by the terrorists.

One of the key figures in this terrorist campaign currently sits as a member of the European Parliament, and is a member of the European Parliament's Bureau, the institution's key decision making body.

Martina Anderson, pictured above with Gerry Adams, a former head of the Provisional IRA Army Council, is an MEP, and also a convicted terrorist who has spent 13 years in prison for her activities. 

At the age of just 18 she was arrested following a bomb attack on a furniture store in Londonderry. In 1986 she was convicted for conspiring to cause explosions in England, along with notorious terrorist Patrick Magee, who was to be convicted of the bomb attack on the Grand Hotel in Brighton which killed five people and injured many more. 

The Grand Hotel bombing was an attempt to assassinate the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

In the European Parliament Anderson represents Sinn Féin, which is the political wing of the Provisional IRA: note that the terrorist IRA is the parent body, and Sinn Féin is a subsidiary - a mouthpiece for the terrorists.

Ireland, of course, understandably embraced EU membership, and there is a vibrant and much loved Irish community in Brussels. The purveyors of hate, however, have taken advantage of this to infiltrate, and to carry their messages of religious and political hatred. 

Anderson is not alone in the EU Institutions.

In May 2016 Hermann Kelly, Brussels-based press officer for Eurosceptic MEP Nigel Farage, was exposed in the British press for his IRA sympathies, having been filmed in a Brussels bar with a group of drunken Irish republicans singing anti-British songs. "“What else do you expect from a man from Derry?” he was reported as saying by the Daily Mirror at the the time.


Kelly, who is at the time of writing still employed by Nigel Farage, has a history of violence, having once been involved in a live and on-air altercation with Irish author Kathy O'Beirne. "Don't you dare hit me, how dare you..." Ms. O'Beirne was recorded as saying during the event.






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