Former MEP warns of threat from "Iranian State-Sponsored Terrorism"

Speaking in Brussels, former MEP Alejo Vidal-Quadras has warned of the dangers of "Iran state sponsored terrorism."

He was addressing an international conference on Monday at the Residence Palace in Brussels which discussed the rise of the Iranian State-Sponsored Terrorism and the threat it poses to Europe and the US.

The International Committee In Search of Justice, ISJ, was a co-sponsor of the meeting.

Vidal-Quadras said, "In the past year we have witnessed multiple Iranian terror plots in Europe and in United States. A number of Iranian agents and diplomats have been arrested and are facing trial in Europe and in the US, 5 other diplomats, or I should say diplomat-terrorists, including a serving Ambassador have been expelled from Europe for their participation in terror planning on European soil.

We often hear from EU’s diplomats that this is somehow the work of a few rouge elements within the regime who conduct these terror plots without the knowledge of the Iranian government. They often claim that President Rouhani and his Foreign Minister Javad Zarif are unaware and the Iranian state should not be held accountable for these terrorist activities.

Let me quote Mr Zarif himself, to demonstrate the absurdity of this claim. In a recent debate in Iranian parliament on the confidential annexes to the nuclear deal, Zarif said: “It is not true that we acted against the will of the Supreme Leader..” “We are not a system in which people can act on their own [...] We cannot do anything in this country without having to report it.” End of quote.

So, we have Iran’s foreign minister publicly insisting that Iranian regime is NOT  a system where people can act on their own. But the officials in the EU’s external action services and Mrs Mogherini and her colleagues, continuously try to hide the truth.

I should also mention that some of these so called diplomats who are accused of terrorism have been close colleagues of President Rouhani and have accompanied Mr Zarif in diplomatic meetings.

Also, when we look to the density of these terror plots, it must then be a very rare coincidence that several European capitals and American cities were targeted all over the course of a few months leading to the arrest or expulsion of at least six Iranian diplomats from Europe only in 2018.

Therefore, all available data, both the remarks of Iranian officials as well as the facts on the ground leave us with no doubt what so ever that we are faced with the rise of Iranian State Terrorism targeting Europe and America and we must take immediate actions to counter these terrorism to protect our own citizens and our countries.

Despite the reluctance of Mrs Mogherini and her colleagues, the situation got so bad that the European Union last month unanimously decided to impose sanctions on Iran and added the Direction of Internal Security at Iran’s Intelligence Ministry to EU’s list of terrorist organisation while freezing the funds of two of its officials.

But the question is why only a branch of the Intelligence Ministry and not the whole intelligence ministry has been added to the terrorist list?

Why doesn’t the EU blacklist the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, IRGC, that is already blacklisted by the US and is responsible for conducting so many terror plots on foreign soils? 

And why not sanction Iran’s Supreme Leader and President, who are the key decision makers and responsible for many of these assassination plots?   

And if the EU is now very rightly concerned of Iranian terror on its soil, why do they continue their trade and business with the regime and even introduce a new mechanism to help companies bypass the US Sanctions on Iran?

We cannot have business as usual with this regime which has clearly received a green light from the western appeasement policy, to target civilians in Europe and USA.

The EU leaders keep insisting that the Nuclear Deal with Iran remains a European security interest. But don’t they realise that all these Iranian assassinations and bomb plots in Europe happened between 2015-2018 , just after the nuclear agreement was signed?

So one could argue that the nuclear deal, instead of providing us more security, in reality contributed to ease the pressure on Tehran and gave it such security assurance at home so it could focus its attention on hunting down its opponents abroad," he concluded.

Vidal-Quadras, a Spanish professor of atomic and nuclear physics, was vice-president of the European Parliament from 1999 to 2014. He is currently president of the Brussels-based International Committee in Search of Justice (ISJ)

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