Ice diving in the Arctic with NATO.

In Tuktoyaktuk, the Northwest Territories, Canada, Canadian and international ice divers practised their skills, which are crucial for repairing underwater infrastructure, and assisting ships that sink or run aground. Divers from NATO Allies Canada, France, and Norway took part, as well as divers from NATO partners Finland, and Sweden. 

Captain Magnus Broman from the Swedish Armed Forces Subarctic Warfare Centre in Arvidsjaur, explains why practising ice diving skills are so important and what it’s like to dive under thick ice.

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Canada’s Operation NANOOK-NUNALIVUT 2019 took place in northern Canada between 17 March and 1 April. Around 500 personnel tested their Arctic survival training and logistics including long-range patrols, ice diving, and creating landing strips on the sea ice.
Five NATO Allies – Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and the United States – are Arctic states, and Allies regularly work to improve their ability to operate in cold weather.

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