Membership of criminal gang shows Turkish mobster had "integrated" into UK, Judge ruled.

Tolga Binbuga, a Turkish national convicted of a string of offences was allowed to stay in the UK after a judge ruled his gang membership showed he was 'socially and culturally integrated', the Daily Mail reports.

Binbuga has received convictions for a number of offences including robbery, burglary, assault and a criminal damage. 

He also served a year in prison after pleading guilty to burglary in 2013 after he stole a Mercedes car key along with £3,000 worth of electrical goods from a house in Enfield, north London. he has also been cautioned for drug possession and shoplifting. 

In 2016 Judge Evan Ruth ruled Binbuga's gang affiliation proved he had 'socially and culturally integrated' into British culture and he was allowed to stay in the UK, the Sun reports. 

That decision was overturned by the Home Office under appeal in 2017 with judges finding Judge Ruth had 'erred in law' by stating that gang membership showed a level of socially integration.

'In my view, although it is a sad and unpleasant conclusion, the likely association of Binbuga with this north London gang is a good example of his integration into one of the less savoury aspects of UK life' the judge said.

The 29-year-old came to Britain when he was nine and never applied for UK citizenship.  

He joined the north London-based Get Money Gang which the Met Police say are the second most dangerous groups in the country.

Judge Ruth said: 'It is a sad and unpleasant fact of life that, in various parts of London, gang culture is an accepted and widespread part of life for many young people.

Binbuga then appealed again, running up at least £50,000 in legal fees, before being rejected last week, the Sun reports.

It is not known if Binbuga has been deported yet. 

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