NATO Experts | What is the cost of NATO membership?

NATO member states share the cost of collective defence. They do this according to what Jonathan Parish, former NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning, calls the “three C’s” – cash, capabilities and contributions. 

But measuring and comparing contributions can sometimes be difficult: how does one compare the value of a warship in a “relatively benign” situation to an infantry unit deployed to a combat zone? 

In 2014, Allies committed to moving towards a defence investment of 2% of Gross Domestic Product. By 2018, several Allies had already reached that goal, and at the Brussels Summit, all recommitted to the 2% spending goal.

NATO’s extensive pool of subject matter experts tell you what you need to know about a wide variety of defence and security issues around the world, and what NATO is doing to make you safer and more secure.

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