Russian First Secretary suspected of spying quits Bulgaria.

An as yet unnamed  Russian diplomat who Bulgarian prosecutors suspect was involved in espionage has the left Bulgaria, the Bulgarian foreign ministry announced on Monday (Oct 28th).

The ministry had asked for his recall in a meeting with the Russian ambassador on Friday. The exact circumstances of the diplomat's departure were not clear.

"A request has been made to the Russian institutions to recall their official by the end of Monday. According to foreign ministry information, the person in question has already left Bulgaria," the Bulgarian foreign ministry said in a statement. 

However, prosecutors have stated that it has been established that a First Secretary at the Russian embassy has been involved in intelligence activities for over a year, and had been conducting intelligence activities, conducting meetings to conspire with Bulgarian citizens, “including a senior official with access to classified information of the Republic of Bulgaria, the EU and Nato”.

The Russian Foreign Ministry and its embassy in Sofia (pictured above) have declined to comment.

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