Turkish President Erdogan threatens to "send 3.6 million to Europe" as he launches troops into Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to send to Europe 3.6 million refugees if the invasion of Syria is defined as an occupation.

'Hey EU, wake up. I say it again: if you try to frame our operation there as an invasion, our task is simple: we will open the doors and send 3.6 million migrants to you,' Erdogan said in a speech to parliament. 

The threat might be considered in the context of Turkish aspirations towards EU membership.

The Turkish president claimed that 109 'terrorists' had been killed, as the defence ministry announced two border villages had been 'cleared of terror,'. However, Turkish authorities have remained silent over concerns over civilian casualties in a military operation where civilian ares are clearly being targeted. 

The invasion has been widely condemned around the world, with European leaders warning Erdogan he risked exacerbating suffering in the war-ravaged region and allowing for IS to flourish after the US-backed Kurds ousted the jihadists earlier this year.

Kurdish authorities have claimed last night's shelling of a prison holding ISIS fighters of more than 60 nationalities was a 'a clear attempt' to help them escape.  

'These attacks on prisons holding Daesh (IS) terrorists will lead to a catastrophe the consequences of which the world may not be able to handle later on,' the statement said. 

Turkey's commandos moved against Kurdish militia last night after the artillery and air force pounded northern Syria. 

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