Albanian ISIS recruiter Lubjana Gjecaj to be extradited to Italy

An Albanian woman wanted in Italy for trying to recruit people to join the Islamic State group was taken into custody in Tirana on Saturday, police said.

Lubjana Gjecaj, 43, and a mother of three children, is to be extradited to Italy where a court in Milan has sentenced her to three years in prison for association with terror groups, Albanian anti-terror police said.

Local media reported that Gjecaj had arranged marriages between couples in both Albania and Italy, and then sent them to Syria through Turkey to join ISIS.

It is believed she was part of a terror cell discovered in 2014 in Italy after the marriage of an Italian girl with an Albanian man. Ten people were arrested at the time in Italy.

Authorities say that while no Albanians have joined extremist groups in Syria and Iraq in the last four to five years, numerous Albanians joined radical groups in Syria and Iraq.

Image: Albanian state police

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