Armenia's Nikol Pashinyan derails “the Armenian project of Russian empire”

The prime minister of Armenia has not only disrupted the whole negotiation process with Azerbaijan, but at the same time “the Armenian project of Russian empire” writes Vusal Mammadov for EUToday.

In a previous article I explained how prime minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan has managed to spoil bilateral relations with the EU, as well as with the U.S., thereby destroying the very nature of Armenia’s relationship with Russia and Iran. I know, it is actually very hard to imagine, but Pashinyan succeeded.

As a result of above mentioned factors and victories of the army of Azerbaijan now there are creating new geopolitical realities around Armenia. Armenia loses its geopolitical attractiveness. Russia changes “the rules of the game”. Is the sovereignty of the Armenian state still necessary?

Recently, we have often heard such questions from the “unofficial and freelance Kremlin spokesmen” such as Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who hints at Armenia being a part of Russia.

This is due to the fact that Russia is tired of patronising and constantly feeding its “strategic partner”, which it once envisioned as a defender of its geopolitical borders, with free weapons.

It turns out that this unprofitable partner is not only unable to fight on the battlefield, but also plays games with the Kremlin looking for new owners. But Pashinyan, according to the potential of Armenia, can offer nothing to his possible new owners except enmity against the Turks, referring to so-called “Armenian genocide."

Geopolitical realities suggest that nothing has changed after the First World War, which means that the USA, Great Britain and France are still not interested in joining into the political palette of South Caucasus, and non-officially consider this region as a zone of Russian influence. Therefore, no single one of these countries is going to act as a guarantor of Armenia's sovereignty, because Armenia has nothing to offer to the world economy and politics. On the other hand the country's hostile behaviour against Azerbaijan and Turkey has led to the isolation of Armenia from the transport bridge which is now connecting Asia and Europe.

Now, during the military operations of the Azerbaijani army, which fulfils the resolutions of U.N. Security Council, the Armenian military-political leadership once again turns to provocations, targeting the pipelines which are actively contributing to the energy security of Europe. In this way Armenia attempts to involve others, such as Russia and Turkey, in order to destabilise the situation in the Caucasus region, and to destroy important regional projects, such as South Gas Corridor which is so important to the EU.

Armenian people could possibly forgive Mr.Pashinyan if only these outrages and the consequences of his shameful international diplomacy would remain outside of his state. But we are witnessing that he is brazenly lying to his people daily in order to absolve himself of personal responsibility for the results of his fatal mistakes.

Considering these factors we can come to the following conclusions:

  • "The Armenian project” of the Russian empire is going to collapse, as Russia now considers Armenia too weak and unreliable a partner, and now the political, economic and military power of Azerbaijan as well as the reliability and political weight of its leader Ilham Aliyev in the international arena seems more attractive for Russia from the point of new geopolitical challenges:
  • The Armenian people will very soon understand the catastrophe Pashinyan has brought upon them. In order to get rid of provocative political leadership and the loss of fundamentals of state sovereignty, Armenian people should understand they do not need to be a pawn of the Kremlin if they truly wish to keep their independence. Armenians should change their attitude to the political existence of their country, and then try to build honest and human relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey in order not to lose their chance to be a part of civil society within the region.
  • Bright minds and patriotic Armenians should think about the future of their people and state, and in this case to the power in Armenia have to come politics who will explain to their people that there is no other salvation, except the returning of the occupied lands to Azerbaijan, because Pashinyan is unable to admit his mistakes and Azerbaijani people will never accept his apologies.

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