“Islamist-type” slogans​ as Albanians crash car into Barcelona airport Terminal.

Two Albanian men yelling “Islamist-type” slogans were arrested after crashing a car into the interior of Barcelona airport’s Terminal 1 early on Friday morning: there were no injuries, officials have said.

The airport was almost deserted, as are most airports across Europe, because of the partial lockdown imposed in an attempt to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

The police bomb squad Tedax confirmed there were no explosives in the car.

Regional police tweeted a picture of a grey car inside the terminal, with all its doors open and two officers, one with a dog, checking it.

“When they were detained, they made an Islamist-type proclamation and we do not know yet what their intention was,” regional police chief Eduard Sallent told a news conference.

In August 2017, militant Islamists used a van to run down pedestrians in central Barcelona and carried out a follow-up attack, killing 16.

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