Bulgaria "likely to expel" two Russian diplomats over spying

Bulgaria is likely to expel two Russian diplomats over spying allegations, Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva said on Friday Reuters has reported.

“We have received the letters from the prosecutors with the allegations,” said Zaharieva. “We will undertake the actions that we are obliged to undertake and will most probably declare them ‘persona non grata’.”

He added that she would summon the Russian ambassador.

An investigation found that a first secretary in the Russian embassy’s consular department in Sofia was seeking information on elections in Bulgaria starting in 2017, prosecutors said Friday in a statement.

Another diplomat, who serves in Russia’s commercial representation office, was collecting information on energy security, some of which constituted state secrets, starting 2018, according to the statement.

Prosecutors had said on Friday that the Russians were engaged in espionage but could not be charged due to diplomatic immunity.

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