Cyber security experts advising Boris Johnson on 5G are paid by Huawei

It has emerged that the team of British cyber security experts who have advised Boris Johnson that allowing Huawei to develop Britain's 5G network will pose no threat to national security are on the Chinese company's payroll. Indeed, they have been working from premises in Banbury, Oxfordshire, which are owned by Huawei.

Although Huawei is a private firm, it is widely considered to be a part of China's state security apparatus and could be used as a cover for espionage, which is why the government's decision to allow its involvement is so controversial.

The United States has suggested that the decision could affect the amount of intelligence it shares with the UK in the future, and could also hinder the chances of a favourable Britain-US trade deal after Brexit, according to analysts.

British ministers and the heads of intelligence and security agencies are expected to make a final decision on Huawei when they meet at a secure conference room in Whitehall Tuesday.

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