France warns its citizens in Muslim-majority countries to take "extra security precautions"

France has issued warnings to its citizens living or travelling in several Muslim-majority countries advising them to take extra security precautions on Tuesday as anger surged over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

The Foreign ministry on Tuesday issued safety advice to French citizens in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iraq and Mauritania, advising them to exercise caution. They should stay away from any protests over the cartoons and avoid any public gatherings.

“It is recommended to exercise the greatest vigilance, especially while travelling, and in places that are frequented by tourists or expatriate communities,” it said.

The French embassy in Turkey issued similar advice to its citizens there after Paris has recalled its ambassador in Ankara.

Following the beheading of the teacher Samuel Paty this month, by a Chechen refugee, the cartoons have been displayed across France in solidarity, angering some Muslims.

President Emmanuel Macron, who met representatives of France’s Muslim community on Monday, has pledged to fight “Islamist separatism”, saying it was threatening to take over some Muslim communities in France.

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