NATO to provide fully equipped field hospital to Italy

NATO's Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) will deliver a fully equipped field hospital to Italy by the end of the year. The Italian Army had already requested support to NSPA before the coronavirus outbreak to augment and modernise their military field equipment, used in Ministry of Defence authorised missions.

Initial delivery was expected for the beginning of 2021. However, given the current national health emergency, it is now foreseen to be completed by the end of 2020, increasing the current hospital infrastructure and allowing a stronger response capacity in case of similar needs in the future.

The requirement foresees structures based on interconnected containerised shelters and tents, divided into a triage area, first aid, X ray and ultrasound laboratories, a surgical preparatory room, operation and hospitalisation areas, a pharmacy, and other necessary medical functions.

The contract for the provision of the hospital has been awarded to the Italian company RI Group, specialised in deployable solutions in operational theatres, after an international competitive bidding launched by NSPA. The current contract includes the option for three additional hospitals that can be supplied upon official request from the Italian Army to NSPA.

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