Jihadi bride returns to Belgium with three children

A 24-year-old jihadi bride from the Belgian town of Vilvoorde has returned to the country along with her three children. The Federal Judicial Authorities report that the woman has been taken to prison, having previously been sentenced in her absence to a 5-year jail sentence having been found guilty of participation in a terrorist group.

Her three children, aged between three and five years old and all born in Syria. are being cared for.

Another Belgian woman, named Laura Passoni, who spent nine months as a Jihadi bride in Syria, said she finally realised what a mistake she had made when her 4-year-old son came home from school one day and showed her how he'd been taught to behead a teddy bear. The family escaped back to Belgium.

At the time the Dutch secret service warned that not only so-called "Islamic State" fighters returning home to Europe could pose a danger, but also their children.

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