Putin's puppets accuse UK of planting coronavirus in China.

Kremlin-backed media has broadcast propaganda which states Covid-19, the new form of coronavirus, was created as a tool for the benefit of the UK, which it claims "smeared something in Wuhan" in the same way that they "smear nerve agent on Skripal's door handle".

The Russians claim that COVID-19 was created by accident at the Pirbright Institute in 2015, and was then patented by Porton Down, the UK's chemical weapons research establishment.

It was used, it is claimed, in order to is an attempt to gain access to Chinese markets, and to enhance Britain's status after Brexit.

The somewhat bizarre theories were broadcast by the largely discredited Sputnik, a Kremlin-funded news platform created by a Presidential decree with the aim to 'report on the state policy of Russia abroad'. One was broadcast on Channel 1, Russia's main, state-aligned TV channel, and another was published in the nationalist leaning, pro-Kremlin Svobodnaia Pressa news site.

It comes after UK ministers announced this week that they had set up a "counter-disinformation unit" amid fears that Russia is spreading fake news about coronavirus to create panic.

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