China-critical Epoch Times Hong Kong printing plant attacked

On April 12th, for the fifth time since 2006, the Hong Kong Epoch Times’ printing plant was attacked. This attack forced the temporary closure of the paper and occurred just days ahead of court appearances by key Hong Kong pro-democracy activists.

These attacks are part of the constant pressure put on press freedom in Hong Kong by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), pressure that has intensified since the Chinese regime has passed legislation restricting civil liberties in Hong Kong.

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Founded in the United States in 2000, The Epoch Times began publishing in Hong Kong in 2001. It is one of the few independent media outlets in Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong people have come to look upon it as a staunch friend. The Epoch Times was on the streets covering the recent democracy protests when most media outlets kept their distance.

Hong Kong senior journalist Wong Ngon-yin told the Epoch Times on April 12th: “The Epoch Times is the hope of Hong Kong. If you are still here, Hong Kong still has hope.”

However, this hope is under attack. Recently, mainland Chinese police Hong Kong Epoch Times talk show host Rachel Wong. The police sent her a message: “Stop broadcasting programs, or face arrest under the new >span class="redactor-unlink">national security law.”

The Epoch Times is known for its uncensored coverage of China, including political infighting within the CCP, the regime’s human rights violations against ethnic minorities and religious groups, its global objectives, and Beijing’s propaganda and influence operations abroad.

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