Dutch jihadi bride 'Angela B' arrested at Schipol airport

The Dutch jihadi bride known as Angela B is back in the Netherlands and has been arrested, the public prosecution department has confirmed.

The 25-year-old from Soest was picked up on her arrival at Schiphol airport along with her three-year-old son and has been remanded in custody for two weeks. A Dutch convert to Islam she is said to have recruited other young women to go to Syria.

She left the Netherlands at the age of 19 in 2014, and married a Portuguese jihadi who was later killed, before marrying again. Having remained in IS-controlled parts of Syria for as long as possible, she eventually ended up in a prison camp in the north east of the country.

Last year she managed to escape along with a group of other women before making her way to the Dutch embassy in Turkey. The government has said it will not actively try to bring Dutch nationals back because it is too dangerous for civil servants to make the trip but that it will help nationals who reach a Dutch diplomatic station. Her child has been handed over to social services, the public prosecution department said.

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