Hensoldt to upgrade Germany's ballistic missile defence radars

Germany’s Hensoldt has won a contract to supply new radars to the country’s military, according to a July 26th statement from the sensor specialist, with Israel Aerospace Industries also contributing toward the ultimate goal of modernising Germany’s ballistic missile defence capabilities, DefenseNews.com reports.

The €200 million contract comes in the wake of a June deal with IAI subsidiary Elta Systems to supply 69 tactical mobile radars to Germany’s land forces. Both deals were signed with the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support.

The latest contract is for four long-range radars as part of the Hughes Air Defence Radar Nachfolgesystem program.

Elta and Hensoldt previously cooperated on submarine capabilities, but this is the first time they have worked together on radars, said Amir Dan, Elta’s naval radars marketing team lead.

He told Defense News that Elta’s work with Hensoldt on the radars provides an opportunity for IAI to have a local partner and increases its chances of winning future European contracts. According to Elta, some of the workshare and capability to produce some radar elements will occur in Germany.

“Germany is a key country for defense systems, and Israel can offer what we have and this opportunity of experience and knowledge into that arena of ballistic missile defence,” he said.

Elta is known for making the radar used with Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system, and in 2019 the company sold $125 million worth of ELM-2084 radars to the Czech Republic. The radar for Germany will be slightly larger, with a range going out hundreds of kilometers, however the company did not specify the precise range.

Germany’s place in the overall air defence picture across Europe and NATO countries is important, according to a joint statement from both companies. “Since the threat to Europe from long-range weapons has existed for years, there is agreement among the European countries that a protective shield consisting of their own and NATO systems must be established or expanded,” Elta noted.

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