Kremlin mouthpiece Sputnik's UK operation ups sticks and splits

Kremlin mouthpiece Sputnik News on Monday handed redundancy notices to its 20 or so UK staff.

Sputnik began broadcasting from its Edinburgh studio in August 2016, the same year that U.S. intelligence agencies accused it and the RT (RussiaToday) news channel of participating in an influence campaign to sway the U.S. presidential election.

At the time, members of Scotland’s ruling party criticised its launch as a “tool for disinformation.”

“The international edition in English will now be handled by the Sputnik offices in Washington and Moscow,” Sputnik said in a statement.

“The coverage of developments in the United Kingdom will continue as normal.”

The Times newspaper quoted an unnamed source familiar with the situation in Britain as saying that the news agency raised concerns toward the “increasingly hostile” political environment in the UK.

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