#NATO: Exercise Formidable Shield 21 now underway

The three-week-long Formidable Shield 2021 defence test, which will be played out off the Scottish Outer Hebrides and Norway’s Arctic coast will involve tests of missile systems, sensors and software of those involved.

The exercise, which takes place every two years, will see live missile launches as the United Kingdom and its NATO allies demonstrate their individual and collective ability to track, identify and destroy incoming threats in the skies including a test of ballistic missile defences.

Britain's Royal Navy will test its' Sea Viper and Sea Ceptor missile systems against supersonic high-diving targets plummeting towards the task group at speeds in excess of 12,000mph – 16 times the speed of sound – as well as sea-skimming drones simulating missiles, weaving at high sub-sonic speeds in a bid to outfox the radars tracking them.

STRIKFORNATO will provide a maritime battle Staff Operational Command directly to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), delivering a rapidly deployable and scalable headquarters capable of planning and executing full spectrum joint maritime operations and providing command and control of maritime Ballistic Missile Defence.

Delivering integrated air and missile defence, and specifically ballistic missile defence, is one of STRIKFORNATO’s primary roles on behalf of the Alliance. Formidable Shield 21 is an important opportunity to further develop fighting capability and domain integration against a challenging set of realistic targets – a demonstration of our resolve to counter the threat.

Rear Admiral James Morley, British Deputy Commander of STRIKFORNATO.

The exercise is designed to improve allied interoperability in a live-fire joint IAMD environment, using NATO command and control reporting structures. Ten nations will participate by sending ships, aircraft, ground assets, and embarked staff in Task Group IAMD, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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