Whistleblower or Blackmailer?

The storyline is worthy of a modern spy thriller. In recent days the former deputy head of the Ukrainian Secret Service Dmitry Neskoromny has twice announced a press conference to be held in Brussels, at which he promised to reveal alleged corruption offences at the highest level in the Ukrainian Government.

There is no doubt that Neskoromny had access to many secret files in his former role as Head of the anti-corruption department, but there is some doubt as to the bona fides of his motivation. He has announced that he wants to organise an exposé of serious allegations about offences by high level officials. The story sounds colourful, but is he just out to settle some private scores with defamatory material? Allegations of corruption in Ukraine are hardly international headline news these days.

It is public knowledge that there is an arrest warrant issued for Neskoromny under the Criminal Code of Ukraine; he is wanted for investigation to answer charges for allegedly ordering the assassination of Andrii Naumov, the head of the Main Internal Security Department of the Secret Services. He is also under suspicion of high treason for acting as a double agent, following the publication in the Ukrainian media of compromising tape recordings of telephone calls in which his interlocutor is alleged to be a member of Russia’s special services.

Originally from Lugansk, Neskoromny was a career employee of the Ukrainian special services. His wife Natella, according to Ukrainian sources is a citizen of the Russian Federation, their three children are also citizens of the Russian Federation. Neskoromny was appointed by the Head of the Presidential Cabinet Andrii Bogdan as Deputy Head of Ukraine’s SBU in July 2019, but after the dismissal of Andrii Bogdan, Neskoromny fell from favour and lost his post. The Ukrainian authorities are now trying to identify his whereabouts in order to bring him in for questioning.

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Phillipe Jeune

Phillipe Jeune

Phillipe Jeune is a Paris-based freelance journalist, and an occasional contributor to EU Today. He has a background in intelligence gathering, and he specialises in business and political matters, with a particular interest in Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

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