"Not clear what Russia's current military objective are," says Dr Ruth Deyermond

Nearly a month after it invaded Ukraine, it is is not clear what Russia's current military objectives are, a senior lecturer in war studies has said.

Dr Ruth Deyermond, from Kings College London, tells BBC Radio 4's World at One programme it is "clear" the initial aims of Russia, as expressed by President Vladimir Putin and others in his administration, have not been met "and to an extent now can't be met".

She says securing a land bridge between Russia and Ukraine's southern region of Crimea, which was seized by Russian forces in 2014, seemed to be where Russia was targeting its focus.

However, Deyermond says the assessment from the UK's Ministry of Defence and other analysts is that Russia still needs to attempt to attack the capital Kyiv and remove the government.

But she adds: "It's very hard to see that working at the moment."

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