Immigration Law Seminars held for Russian Draft Dodgers on how to apply for a Political Asylum in U.S.

Michael Levitis of JurisQ Legal Network and Immigration Attorney Yakov Spektor conduct free online Seminars for Russian Draft Dodgers seeking Asylum in USA.

Russian citizens who are unwilling to fight in Ukraine because of their political views or personal reasons have been looking into methods to flee Russia as a result of a mobilisation effort in the country.

As one of the leading superpowers against the Russian war, the USA has indeed been a go-to place for all seeking safe haven. Those who seek asylum in the United States have been pondering their immigration options. The immigration attorney experts have been jammed up with requests and questions regarding the same.

In an attempt to clear the air in this chaotic situation, JurisQ Legal Network is conducting free Immigration Law Seminars for Russian Draft Dodgers on how to apply for Asylum in the USA. The participating attorney holding the stage would be Yakov Spektor of the Law Offices of Spektor, Spektor & Berman.

For maximum reach, the seminar would be conducted in both the English and Russian languages. You can check social media channels and YouTube for the latest updates.

White House’ Stand for Russian Draft Dodgers

Russians seeking refuge from the conflict are welcome in the United States, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in October 2022.

"We believe that regardless of their nationality, they may apply for asylum in the United States and have their claim educated on a case-by-case basis," she said.

This announcement does not imply that any Russian citizen will automatically be granted refugee status or asylee status. Instead, each person requesting asylum in the United States must submit a unique application, which will then be evaluated on its own merits by the government.

Now, while the statement does give hope to thousands of draft dodgers seeking help, there’s a lot that we need to understand about what can be done and when.

“The first step is to get out of Russia.” Yakov Spektor Answering the Important Questions in a talk with Michael Levitis

When asked by Michael Levitis – “If you protest the mandatory military recruitment, could you list some of the choices accessible to Russian conscientious objectors?” – Yakov Spektor stressed that the first ground rule of seeking asylum is to be either within the United States or indicating the intention to seek asylum at the port of entry.

Despite Biden's verbal assurances that the Russian evaders will receive some safeguards, there is currently no program in place and no change in policy. To simplify, there is no special consideration for the Russian draft evaders beyond the usual mechanisms available to all asylum seekers. However, they are eligible to apply under the general umbrella of obtaining political asylum in the U.S.

Those seeking protection in the United States must demonstrate to U.S. immigration officials that they have experienced persecution or fear persecution as a result of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political viewpoint.

Another crucial emphasis Yakov made was about the draft evasion, being the sole reason for seeking asylum. “You shouldn't assume that the U.S. government will grant you asylum just because you're waiting to be drafted. “ Yakov said.

The talk further highlights the eligibility criteria, waiting period, strict measures against illegal trespassers and legal limitations for asylum grants.

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