Trump: UK-US Trade Deal to Happen "Quickly"
July 8th, 2017. \\ World. \\ Tags: UK, USA, #Brexit.

Speaking at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, US President Donald Trump said that he expects a “powerful” trade deal with the UK to be completed “very quickly”.

The US president, who also confirmed that he is to visit London, is holding talks with UK Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss a post-Brexit trade deal.

Ahead of their meeting, Mr Trump hailed the “very special relationship” he had developed with Mrs May.

“There is no country that could possibly be closer than our countries,” he told reporters.

“We have been working on a trade deal which will be a very, very big deal, a very powerful deal, great for both countries and I think we will have that done very, very quickly.”

The BBC’s diplomatic correspondent James Robbins, in Hamburg, said this was exactly the sort of signal that the prime minister would have been looking for.

He said Mr Trump was known to have accepted an invitation to visit the UK - a prospect that caused huge controversy - but no clarity was given on when that might happen.

After a meeting on Friday, Chinese President Xi Jinping said China and the UK were entering a “golden era” of relations and increased investment from his country since the Brexit vote showed its confidence in Britain.

Mrs May will also hold trade talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

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