UK Government urged to "respect" outcome of EU vote
August 4th, 2017. \\ Politics.

A group that was at the forefront of the campaign for the UK to pull out of the EU has urged the British government to “respect” the

outcome of the Referendum.

The demand comes amid a growing belief that a weakening economy has boosted the hand of British Chancellor Philip Hammond, who wants a soft Brexit.

He believes that UK remaining in the single market and customs union is best for the British economy.

Others like Maltese PM Joseph Muscat and the Irish prime minister say they think Brexit may never happen.

But Get Britain Out, a campaign group, has spoken out at what it sees as “attempts to derail” Brexit.

Jayne Adye, director of the group, said that in response to “weeks of Remainer sniping aimed at derailing Brexit, spearheaded by Hammond” it
was sending letters and e-mails to MEPs and MPs urging them to “respect the result of the referendum.”

Adye said, “Thousands of our supporters have been getting in touch asking what they can do about Philip Hammond’s scheming to keep us
shackled to the EU for even longer. They say they have already waited long enough to see their vote put into action, and it seems Hammond is
trying to make us wait years longer.”

She added, “Our supporters have been incredibly patient, and are understandably frustrated their patience is being abused.

“This groundswell of public feeling cannot be ignored. We are sending out our e-Bulletin to advise them to get in touch with their MPs -
those who claim to work for them - and make their voices known.

“They will tell those who represent them to get behind Brexit and bat for Britain. For many of our supporters, the EU Referendum was the first
time they were truly heard.”

Meanwhile, Molly Scott Cato, a British Greens MEP, has voiced her own concerns that the UK government will “abandon” the country’s poorer
regions when Britain finally pulls out of the EU.

In an article, she said, “We’re beginning to notice how much of what we have come to expect as citizens of a civilised society is provided
or supported by the EU. As we struggle our way through the increasingly chaotic process of Brexit, we are left asking ourselves
just what will survive our leaving.”

She continues, “Today, it is funding for the regeneration of our regions that is the focus of attention, with Kevin Bentley of the
Local Government Association calling on the government to guarantee that it will match the £8.4bn local authorities received during the
present EU funding round.”


Martin Banks is a highly experienced accredited journalist with many years experience of working with the EU institutions. He is an occasional contributor to EU today, writing on a wide variety of issues.

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