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Brussels Eat Festival 2023 promises to “go down a treat”

Discover the entire range of Bordeaux wines . . . at a single wine bar! That is the enticing prospect offered to wine lovers in Belgium at this year’s Eat Festival.

by EUToday Correspondents
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Brussels Eat Festival
Brussels Eat Festival 2023: The annual event will take place later this month for the third consecutive year at Brussels’ Tour & Taxis and, once again, Bordeaux wines are heavily involved.

A glass of Bordeaux wine will be offered to all festival-goers with an entry.

Everyone will be able to choose according to their preferences: red wines, of course, but also lesser known wines which are good to discover: dry whites and sweet ones but also the bubbles of crémants and rosés (to help prolong that feel-good summer feeling).

For those who wish to extend the experience, all wines will be on sale at €5 per glass.

Bordeaux winegrowers and traders (mainly from the younger Bordeaux generation) will leave their vineyards to come to Brussels to share their know-how and introduce people to the Bordeaux appellations.

The Bordeaux winegrowers and  merchants will help visitors discover and taste the diversity of Bordeaux wines.

It is expected that more than 2,500 bottles will be opened during the 4 days of the festival which runs from September 28 to October 1.

The Bordeaux Wine School also takes up residence at the jamboree and offers six workshops to improve your knowledge of wine. This is also a change to learn more about gourmet food and wine pairings (this is by reservation and lasts 30 minutes).

The “Bordeaux wine trip” relaxation area, meanwhile, allows visitors (with the help of local tourism specialists) to prepare for a possible stay in Bordeaux and its region.

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Around 60 Brussels chefs, pastry chefs, cheese makers and artisans will also be on hand over the four days to showcase the culinary tastes of Brussels and Belgium. This year, the event also hosts a competition for the best shrimp croquette. With their varied colours and profiles, Bordeaux wines are excellent companions to enhance this popular Belgian dish.

A spokesman for the event said, “For more than 10 years, Eat Brussels has been THE showcase of Brussels gastronomy and this year’s event promises to bigger and better than ever before.”

Further info: www.eatfestival.brussels



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