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April 11th: unprovoked Armenian military action causes Azerbaijani casualties

by EUToday Correspondents
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The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan has reported that on April 11th  units of the Armed Forces of Armenia from the direction of the Digh settlement of the Gorus district subjected to intensive fire the Azerbaijan Army’s opposing positions stationed in the direction of the  Lachin district. As a result of the provocation, a number of  Azerbaijan Army personnel were killed or injured. 

The fact that such provocations by Armenia took place in the face of serious calls for negotiations on a peace agreement by the international community suggests that Armenia is not interested in the peace  process. Such military provocations of Armenia at the same time are accompanied by provocative political actions and statements. 

Armenia’s provocations against Azerbaijan, violating the norms and principles of international law,  not only breach the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, but also seriously threaten  regional peace and security. 

Thee government of Azerbaijan has called for the actions of Armenia to be rejected and condemned by the international community in the most serious manner. 

In order to prevent further provocations by Armenia, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan are taking and will continue to take all necessary measures, and the government emphasises that  once again that the responsibility for the provocations caused by Armenia falls entirely  on Armenia.

Image: Azerbaijani MoD

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