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Benjamin Netanyahu: Hamas “use the Palestinian people as human shields”

by EUToday Correspondents
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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech yesterday ( 25th of October) on the Swords of Iron operation. In his speech, the Prime Minister felt the need to remind his people, that to win this war, unity would be the key ; and therefore no political consideration would take place within the Government. 

He added that all the security forces, the IDF and all the Government’s members are doing everything in their power to bring the captives home and to exterminate the enemy.

” All Hamas members are mortal, above ground, below ground, inside Gaza and outside Gaza,” the Prime Minister said.

“Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas. Our war against Hamas is a war for all humanity. 

“The great enemy that is Hamas doesn’t stop at the Israeli borders, Hamas is a threat for the entire humanity. Their goal is to exterminate and harm as much as possible, following ISIS ideology. Hamas acts the same way the Nazis did, with one goal in mind : wanting the Jews to be whipped off the map. Hamas terrorists will stop at nothing to make they dream come true.

“Their own people’s lives don’t even matter to them ; seeing as they use the Palestinian people as human shields and forbid them to leave when trying to flee the war. 

” I repeat to the non-involved population in Gaza: evacuate to the south of the strip. “

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called to all the Palestinian citizens wanting no part in Hamas’  actions to flee towards the south of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Government has repeatedly stressed that it does not want innocent lives to be taken away in this war, and this is why before attacking Gaza and erasing Hamas, the Prime Minister and IDF took the time to urge the citizens to flee as far away as possible.

” We are children of light and they are children of darkness and the light will overcome the darkness,” he said.

“Together we will fight, together we will win “

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Story/Image: https://www.gov.il/en



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